Driving the base frame by means of CNC

After the mechanics seemed to work I invested into the CNC parts: NEMA17 (42mm) stepper motors and a motion controller. The three pulleys did fit (the fourth motor is assigned to drive the feeder later). 


This is the basic Sanguinololu board. When soldering it is important to read (and heed) the “Bugs” part of the documentation.

IMG_20130508_114948  IMG_20130508_145704 IMG_20130508_150158 IMG_20130508_150207

As usual the (vulnerable) stepper motor drivers are detacheable, so they can be swapped if damaged.


Unfortunately neither ErikZalm (Marlin) nor jcrocholl (Rostock and Kossel printers) used a Sanguinololu – so I got a whole bunch of errors, until I eventually updated the “Sanguino”-folder of the Arduino-IDE.

Then, finally the stepper drivers tried to home the axes:

This is “bootsrapping“, so zip-tying the motors in place is justified. And also this kind of “custom moulded limit switch mount”. 😉

IMG_20130724_075452 IMG_20130802_100328

The idlers consist of bent bars, washers, a screw and a ball bearing each.


Here is the good thing about Delta printers: Repeat one axis three times:


IMG_20130808_124607 IMG_20130809_124957

This fan is a measure of precaution. I burned my fingers more than once when touching the stepper drivers.

In the meantime I finally met someone with an already working Prusa i3 at the tavern. And he assisted me by printing the feeder mechanism: Airtripper’s Bowden Extruder V3. As I ordered my J-Head MK-V HotEnd before the Filament Drive Gear Review & Benchmark was written, it came along with the MK7 drive gear.

By now I would choose none of them.

IMG_20130810_101550 IMG_20130812_093948

This is the assembly of the feeder:

IMG_20130812_104634 IMG_20130812_105247 IMG_20130812_123613 IMG_20130812_124459 IMG_20130812_155137

The J-Head mounting plate was cut with a belt saw (you could even Dremel it). The hot end cooling fan is attached to the effector via hotmelt.

IMG_20130813_122825 IMG_20130813_130758 IMG_20130813_133802 IMG_20130813_135657


Feeding the first piece of 1.75mm PLA towards the hot end:

…and there it is, extruded to 0.35mm:


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