Decades ago I didn’t have a cordless electric screwdriver. So getting the loss leader Akkuschrauber at our local “Obi” was a no-brainer. 4,99 DM! That’s 2.55 € now…
…well, consumer price index says “No, it isn’t!”, but it should be still far away from what I used in the past five years or so. And I never threw it away.

Instead I bought another one to salvage the motor – and the power packs happened to be compatibe.
BTW: Did you know, that there is a yearly “cordless drill race” in Germany?


Here is what happened to my blue CMI-AS9.6E over the years, until yesterday.

First I have to admit that the cheapo NiCd batteries lasted longer than I expected. But of course not forever. And as accumulators are more expensive than electric drills I searched for other ways to keep the tool in use.

Combining the individual cells of the two packs did not work. Too many of them were already unsuseable. (I rated them individually with the HET-20 you can see in this post.)

In the next step, my gaze settled on some old D cells (LR20) and an “8 in series” holder:

Sounded good, didn’t work (there was no way they could supply the current for that motor).

Next I decided to use a worn-out lead acid battery next to the work bench – so at least I had a corded electric screwdriver there. 😉

Time went by and in the meantime we got a blue Bosch at work. Then Lidl sold a similar “Parkside” model in their habitual “impulse buying” price region. I went for it.


You can see the PABS 12 A1 in many of my previous posts, but we started using it quite heavily. It just survived changing the ceiling in our bathroom (“The legacy of the Squeezebox“), my dad’s next construction site gave it’s gearbox a latent caries (it rattled afterwards) and just a day before we could throw it at the next gypsum board / drywall ceiling the commutator burned away.

What now? Obviously we finally had to buy our own blue Bosch, before doing the ceiling in the kitchen – and the GSR 12V-15 was on sale then (not cheap, but good value for money). It is in a different league and I really enjoy working with it.
But we live upstairs and the workbench is in the cellar. So we could run after the screwdriver on every possibility, spend money on another one, or…

…combine the 12V lithium power pack of the Parkside- with the drivetrain of the CMI Akkuschrauber, perhaps? I didn’t throw them away, and yesterday I coudn’t bear the sight of that pile of scrap anymore. Time to do something about it! 🙂

Step one: Take them apart, test the power pack.

Step two: Let loose the Puksäge (for some reason this saw is named after this mythical figure), solder the power pack connection, drive a too long screw through the outer shell and smoothen that again wit the “puck saw”.

Doesn’t look that bad for being executed without planning.

Step four: Use reinforcing parts, hotmelt, epoxy modelling clay (Play-Doh for men… More power!) and -temporarily- tape to get everything into shape again.

Step five: Enjoy the result, after the epoxy putty is cured. The power pack also charged overnight – Feed My Frankenstein!


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