Filament drybox from paint bucket

Most likely this feature was already depicted in a post about the Junkstrap or TronXY X5S: my hacked-together dry box for the filament.

When the junkstrap got OctoPrint and moved to the cellar, I couldn’t leave the filament just standing besides it – air humidity was at more than 90%. Something had to be done.

A first try with bentonite cat litter in a sock (you see that “lifehack” on YouTube – to get moisture away from the windscreen of your car) did not work. It also was completely painful for me to search the large online stores and websites of DIY markets for a fitting box.

Looking around in the cellar, however, I found a paint bucket – and that still hat it’s lid. Perfect!

Airtripper had taught me, that the standard bowden tube for 1.75mm filament could be fittet via M4 nuts. And I had some tube left.

Technically a seal is a slit, as narrow and long as possible – and a meter of bowden tube with the filament inserted should meet that definition.

Next challenge was to read the hygrometer inside the bucket without opening it. Luckily I found some transparent, adhesive book wrapping foil.

So now only “the means to keep the air dry inside” was missing. The internet suggested a rechargeable mini dehumidifier. Basically a bag of desiccant with it’s own enclosure and heater, so you can regenerate it overnight using mains voltage. They also come with indicators when to regenerate them – and that could also be seen through the window.

After testing this setup for some time with the old Airtripper’s Pocket Filament Reel Rollers I printed on the RoStrap, I could say: it works…

…and then came the #MasterSpool and DASFILAMENT with their 850g refills. That fills up the spool completely to the edge and scratches on the rollers!

On the other hand RichRap had already done a blog entry on how to handle MasterSpools at best and which kind of spool holders he prefers and also designed his own spool holder and drybox. Well, if anyone knows what’s best chances are high it’s him. 🙂 (But that doesn’t mean I will also go for those 230V / 7W reptile heaters. 😉 )

Just printed his holder on the X5S, cut the M8 threaded rod to length and exchanged the content of the bucket. Now I can finally place my second reel besides (currently I use two MasterSpools – one loaded with PLA and one with PET).


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