Finally: Another 3D-Printer Kit (Tronxy X5S)

As previously announced, I had ordered a kit instead of trying to get that JunkStrap to produce something in state-of-the-art quality. To be honest: I would have ordered a kit earlier, but it had to be a “XY-head/Z-bed” design – preferably with CoreXY kinematics. (I prefer moving my prints as little as possible. Period. And BTW: I wouldn’t buy a front wheel drive car either.) As chance would have it Shenzhen Tronxy Technology Co., LTD. released just that kit by end of last year. Don’t confuse the X5S with the X5 however, wich is a smaller, non-CoreXY printer.

Thinking about how much single parts had cost me in the last few years (the RoStrap was built from scratch, the JunkStrap needed some other linear guides and there were also enough upgrades done on the Sumpod) the “Flash Sale” price on for the complete kit seemed too good to be true. Having already ordered vaping-stuff via directly from asia (and PayPal in between anyway) I ordered on January 15th for $279.99 along with two packs of Aluminium Profile Corners and a Power Expansion Board / 30A MOSFET Module to directly compensate the already infamous shortcomings of the package.

By now there is a summary of those on All3DP (it’s a meta-analysis – everything they mention was on the web before and I knew it) and there are also new Tronxy producs with better specs. Seeing the kit as a cheaper alternative to buying every single component (and additionally designing about 30% of the parts myself before the first print starts) I don’t regret anything.

Flashback: Z-Wobble of the Junkstrap demonstrated on a LEGO-compatible 3DBenchy.

All the flaws may be a show-stopper to an amateur, but this is the fourth RepRap build for me. And I have spares from three of those other Fabbers here. 🙂

After contacting Gearbest in vain (because of some irritating shipment information) two packages arrived on February 8th. They kept their promise that they would handle customs for me. A third package (the MOSFET module) was delayed, but hey: I could start!

This kit was even more complete than I imagined. Not only the printer with motors, controller, display/clickwheel, hot end, feeder and so on was inside – they also delivered an SD-card, the USB reader, a set of tools and an adaptor from US to EU mains (I didn’t bother to check the plug before ordering as I have tens of “SchuKo” cables lying around).

Well… The PDF construction manual on the SD card was inflated to more than a gigabyte by Windows and the Canon printer driver and the printer even tried to hospitalise itself (unknown error code), but I found another possibility to get it printed. And alternatively there is this TronXY X5S Build Tutorial by Yi Ong on the web.

While waiting for the shipment to arrive in Germany I had prepared some other stuff:

Thingiverse already showed some me stabilizing Z axis mounts, the “Mega Gantry” and carriage modifications. As I had little time to think, I printed more than I needed, so I will descibe the modifications actually in use later. 😉

The 24V 360W PSU for the heated build plate was cheaper to come by on eBay. It is the typical “as cheap as possible” version with “China Export” instead of “CE” mark on it. As this one was shipped from within the EU I had time to open it…

…which was a good thing. These solder beads everywhere looked “a bit suspicious”, so I brushed them away. After all I wanted to put the printer in the cellar and have it run overnight without burning the house down.

After this expirience the TronXY 12V PSU came next. It rattled:

Besides the loose screw inside the PCB looked better to me. But here the pre-built cable assembly did not satisfy my demand for wire size and the presence of ferrules.

The weekend came nearer and I was getting ready for assembly…


Annex: Some TronXY X5S Reviews I read or viewed before ordering… (EN) (DE) (Video collection) (EN) (EN) (EN)

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