JunkStrap Y-Axis on the X-one

To mount the X-carriages I already needed to mount the linear shafts for Y. As the normal linear (ball) bearings of the Sumpod were already digging into the shafts there, I went for igus „drylin“ self-lubricating solid plastic bearings. To mount Colin Rose’s Dual Drive Bowden Extruder as direct-drive I was already wasting plenty of travel here, so a 608ZZ-bearing-on-square-tube carriage was not an option. To keep everything maintainable I went for two halves again. This is the lower, this the upper half. My E3D-v5 Hot End is pushed into the J-Head mount from the side and then secured with this piece of plastic.

To move this axis I exchanged the test-clamps with a proper cover with motor holder at the back and idler holder at the front. As the belt travel is limited here, a spring tensioner was fine. The upper half of the slide had a belt clamp screwed on. The screws were ripping out later, but a bulldog clip fixed everything again. 😉

For Hot End and part cooling („nozzle fan“) I went for an enlarged (E3D Double Fan 2x40mm … by lokus77) and an annular model (Cooling Fan Duct for E3D All Metal Hot End V6 by Zeppelinum). The former had to be modified, which is not a problem as TinkerCad imports STLs from other sources: „Mixing thing:420204 and thing:251563

Although Hot End / Nozzle, Cold End / Extruder / Feeder and Heated Build Plate are subjects to subsequent posts, here is the installation situation…

…and here is a video of the Y-Axis moving during a test print:


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