JunkStrap X-Axis on 608zz

After building the Z-lift onto an old worktop (where I could steep in the motor) it was time to attach those aluminium square tube profiles (alfer combitech) to the sides.  To mount the tubes I tried to copy the original connector design in Tinkercad (this is the general version, this the one for the front), but it seems that the approach I used for the Z-lift was a lot easier to handle. Nevertheless it worked.

Unsing a bubble level I screwed the flanges to the wood and the old RoStrap slides worked. New carriages were designed piece by piece in Tinkercad – this is a raw and early version, this a side-piece of the first try on it. There is a lower and an upper plate to complete the sides with floor and ceiling. (The test-clamps are also still available there.)

To get it moving electrically I could re-use the NEMA 17 Stepper Mount by ElectronicKit from the RoStrap and my own spacer for the Opto-Endstop (which was already in use on the Z-axis). As a belt tensioner I used the Mendel90 Y Axis Belt Tensioner by Bazooka_Gum with an added redirectioner.


Here is a video of it moving:

Sadly though the first carriage was too flexible and driving only one of them (and relying on the Y-axis to drag the other one) did not improve the situation either. This is the successor and maybe someone can use this design for something else. In combination with my upper panel (where the linear shafts are mounted) the increased rigidity led to the 608ZZ bearing digging into the aluminium profiles.

The screws keeping the two halves (one is printed mirrored) together here are M3x60 BTW. The bearings are mounted on M8x30s.

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