After Telekom terminated our old-school phone line and converted it into internet telephony, we needed a replacement for their „Speedport“ series of hacking targets and replaced it with a FRITZ!Box (which provides more features and works like charm). This also meant we could upgrade our old „directional antenna shines through three floors“ WiFi with a „FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E“. There was, by then, just too much noise from other access points to keep it  working properly that way. (And I wanted to test IEEE 802.11ac before the new EU Radio Equipment Directive, RED 2014/53/EC, could -possibly- block market access for it – but that didn’t happen.)

The device itself worked fine out of the box, but I was (somehow) not fond of it’s placement in the kitchen…


…so I fired up TinkerCAD and sketched the first fixture:

At least the position of the Ethernet cable was correct… The next attempt got it right:


Didn’t touch it again in the last seven months. Just used the web-interface sporadically. 🙂


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