Velcro hot glued, Dashcam not anymore

In case you were wondering about the velcro on the ashtray in my last post about the Smartphone-to-Cupholder-Adaptor: I bought a “genuine” case for my sunglasses (BMW Part No. 51160422717) and there was not enough headroom in the “F20” 1-series.

You could not fix it to the sun shield or the handle on the driver’s side without being annoyed by it. Fixing it at the handle on the other side works, but as you get three versions of the counterpart, I could easily take the risk of cutting and glueing one of these around the lid of the ashtray (wich I don’t use for anything).

Besides changing some of the ECU-configurations and throwing a cheap chinese HeadUp-Desplay onto the dashboard everything is fine. 🙂

There was only one other addition to this car: A dashcam. It was taken over from the predecessor and after hot-melting it into place was fine for nearly a year (then the sun re-melted the glue) I finally sketched a mount in Tinkercad (the latch is kept seperately in case somebody plans something else with it).

My Transcend DrivePro 200 was already re-painted matt black to keep it subtle, some edding ink was enough to harmonize the mount.

Power comes from the outlet in the trunk and the cable can easily be laid along the doors and the A- and B-pillars.

The SD-card is not that accessible there, but you could still use WiFi to extract one or the other video from it. (There is an App for that.)

Video material from this cam was already posted here for comparison with a “proper” camcorder.

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