Quick & easy roof window insulation

I really hate roller blinds! Exterior shutters reign supreme in summer – but they are not available everywhere.

As I just recommissioned the stuff yesterday, here are some experiences from two years ago:

Our rooflights partly have proper shutters, but (of course!) not the one on the south side…

Some day I had enough of nearly burning my fingers when touching the blind (this one is not mirrored on the outside), took some measurements and went to the DIY store.

There is a gap of more than 45 mm between blind and glass – space fo a lot of hot air.
=> Spent 1.80 € on a 40mm EPS (“Styrofoam”) board.
=> Cut it to size, put three widths of aluminium wrap around it.
=> Used the blind for mounting.

So the effort is low, but how huge is the impact? You will notice!

On a moderately sunny summer day (at noon) we had 55 degree Celsius on the southern window sill. Even the upright windows at the eastern alcove (with mirrored blinds) were at 41 degree centigrade on the inside. The roof window? Below 30 °C! (At the center and 34 °C at the edge.)

Now it was obviously time to also insulate those eastern windows. But cutting Styrofoam really causes a mess. Fortunately I received a tip: Styrodur.

Styrodur is much tougher than Styrofoam (or “Styropor” as BASF calls closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam). The unpractical part is buying it at a builder’s merchant, who will sell you three pieces, but normally thinks in square meters (hundreds of them, not two) rather than pieces and has to send a warehouseman to get it for you. The nice part is just using the indents already formed into these insulating boards.

As we have a proper awning on the eastern side by now we don’t use the Styrodur plates anymore. But 15,- € is a lot less than the canvas and it’s supporting structure (and the electric drive – if you want one).

(Original post: http://www.metalforum-owl.de/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=138&start=230#p65005, May 22nd 2014)

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