A foot shelf -to counter back-ache

Working in front of a screen (or alternatively soldering) all day and using your car to get to the job and back will put your body into a certain position. And carrying around small children does not release pressure from your muscles and fasciae either.

In many cases it will lead to a lot of tension from the shoulder to the nape. Orthopaedists over here tend to prescribe sports rehab then. And interestingly, while the scheduling stress to get to the muscle factory completely canceled out any positive effect, at least we found out that stretching my calves will help.

To do this effectively I srewed this small “shelf” to the back panel of my work desk. Now I can just put one foot onto it for about 30s (then the other one) while reading all those annoying Emails in an upright position.

I have used Stronger Shelf Bracket by richard_j_m and some waste.

The “hamster-wheel for the rest of us” would have been nice and more sustainable, but it just takes up too much space. 😉


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