Sumpod Extruder Upgrade

As already mentioned here I had printed Geared extruder v.2 by RomanST. This design has been updated in the meantime (, but I already had the old version printed and lacked the time to get the rest of the BOM together (ball bearings, long M5 screws, …) and mounted properly.

The upgrade concerns the spring tensioner and it indeed was a real pita for me to get it mounted with a “decently strong” (and by that I mean “brutal”) spring.

Last status:

IMG_2962 IMG_2963

Next step:

P_20160327_120940 P_20160329_111048_1_p

Dismounted “stock” Sumpod feeder mechanism:


As I had a Mk7 gear (instead of a Mk8) I had to bend the lever for some extra clearance (after heating it with hot air):

IMG_2625 P_20160408_094457

As the Mk7 was too large in diameter I also had to shape a “funnel” via soldering iron to guide the filament out properly.

P_20160408_095835_1_p P_20160408_100034_1_p P_20160408_100106_1_p P_20160408_102459_1_p

After a first quick test went fine I glued screwed in the pneumatic connector. A drill bit helped keeping it straight.

[Edit:] Hotmelt did not work here. But the old connector from the Sumpod extruder had the right thread to fit the printed frame. [/Edit]


Afterwards the extruder was mounted. (One bolt is enough for now.)

IMG_3249 IMG_3251

Calibration was easy as Roman already provided the new gear transmission ratio. Even the first print was usable!

P_20160408_120243_p IMG_3253

Here is a short video of it in action (SRY for it being portrait orientation, but that will have to do for now):

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