Rollcab / Tool Cart, part 2:

In my last post I modified the old cabinet with paint, casters and some electronic locks, but an internal drawer for smaller parts was still missing.

Roller guides and drawer

A workmate had upgraded his kitchen – and could contribute roller guides.
The rest is cut, planed and glued from polyurethane expanded plastic boards.

P1060158 P1060159

A spacer was needed to get past the hinge.

P1060160 P1060161 P1060165 P1060166 P1060171 P1060177 P1060179 P1060182


The handle is made from parts of a broken “wheel tree” (was overwhelmed by the tyres of my BMW).
My RepStrap was loadad with neon-yellow PLA, but the Sumpod with more subtle grey ABS.


// Griff-Endstück.scad
// => OpenSCAD version 2013.06difference() {
// Halterung:
cube ([15, 50, 40]); }
cylinder(h=15, r=25, $fn=50);}}translate([30,-25,4]){
cube ([5, 15, 40]);}}
cube ([5, 15, 40]);}}
// Rohr:
color (“SteelBlue”,5){
cylinder(h=20, r=(35.2/2), $fn=50);
// cylinder(h=20, r=(31.9/2), $fn=50);
cube ([100, 100, 10]); }
cube ([100, 100, 10]); }}
}// Bodenplatte mit Löchern:
{cube ([30, 50, 4]);// Für Euro-Schrauben:
translate ([23,10,-0.5]) {
cylinder(h=23, r=(6.6/2), $fn=50);}
translate ([23,10,2.1]) {
cylinder(h=2, r1=(6.6/2), r2=(8/2), $fn=50);}
translate ([23,40,-0.5]) {
cylinder(h=23, r=(6.6/2), $fn=50);}
translate ([23,40,2.1]) {
cylinder(h=2, r1=(6.6/2), r2=(8/2), $fn=50);}


IMG_1759 IMG_1763

P1060213 P1060218

Some extra hooks for my larger clamps – ugly enough, so that you don’t want them visible somewhere in your flat anyway.

P1060232 P1060234


Current would be nice.
Sadly though, I disposed the cable drum of an old vacuum cleaner a while ago.
But I still had a conventional one:

P1060181 IMG_20141024_122715

And it could be worked up:

IMG_1768 IMG_1770

The convenient thing is: The fourfold socket is already fused (in case somebody leaves the cable coiled and it gets warm).
To get the current there in the first place I took the IEC connector off an old PC PSU (which now has it’s cable soldered).


While mounting it the jigsaw massacred the back panel, so I had to trowel again…
…and “structurally reinforce” it (yes, I mean hot melt) from the inside.


P1060192 P1060196

P1060199 P1060200 P1060206 P1060209 P1060212 P1060240 P1060241



Expanding the bench top would be nice – and there are plenty of possible ways to build drop-leaf tables…
But I cannot do it. My writing desk does not have any storage for office supplies and screwing a pull-out material shell underneath does not work either, because the slides would clash with the steel tube framing.

What I coud do is scrape up a botched pedestal, which is somewhat (crosswise) accessible behind the tool cart. But now there is NO room an ANY way behind it. So the last addition were some bumpers to protect the sockets.

P1060297 P1060455

And maybe two storage view boxes, but I don’t regard them as addition to the tool cart itself.


Maybe -someday- I can still incorporate soldering iron and a PSU, although it will never be as beautiful as this:

(Original Post:, Dec. 15th 2014)

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