ATX Power Supply conversions

If you need plenty of current at “extra-low voltage” levels, the cheapest way to get there usually is a decommissioned PC PSU. An ATX power supply just needs some “dummy load” at each rail to start up properly (as it has not been designed for really low loads).

There are examples at, like this and this, but at first this this guide at instructables might be the most helpful.

The first PSU I modified was used to power some Peltier elements, becuse I wanted to quickly cool my beer at one or two open air festivals. The PSU was used for tests in the living room, the cold box had problems with thermal resistance between Peltier elements and beer, but in the end it could at least power a standard car cooler when we got our last fridge and had to defrost the old one a day before.

Here I replaced the +5V, +12V and GND-wires and tied the rest together on the inside.

DSCN5801 DSCN5807 DSCN5809 DSCN5810

This is the “dummy load”: a fairly large resistor on a “fireproof substrate”.



At work I had a temporary problem with the calibraion of my “proper” bench top power supplies: every two years they were gone for a few weeks. Simultaneously.

This was my workaround: an “adaptor” from ATX-connector to banana jack.

DSCN6566 IMG_20120208_104017

The solder mask is spared on some traces, so a wire can be added.

IMG_20120208_123510 IMG_20120208_123525

The dummy load consists not only of power resistors, but also an incandescent light bulb (radiates the heat away instead of getting hot iteself exclusively) and a relay.

IMG_20120208_125739 IMG_20120208_144041

Additionally there is a USB connector on the 5V rail with a jumper, so you can charge your phone (or power bank) while working with this.

IMG_20120208_144109 IMG_20120208_144145

No case has been built yet. This is still just the workaround.

…and quite useful until my first 3D-printer got his own dedicated power supply. 😉

IMG_20140429_120839 P1040924

When my brother discarded the next PSU, I knew what to do.

IMG_0886 IMG_0890 IMG_0900 IMG_0906 IMG_0913 IMG_1225

Dummy load is internal this time.

IMG_1227 IMG_1228


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