Messing about at the status quo

As already posted the slides were in development. But for the rest: why reinvent the wheel?

The Delta-Pi was already on Thingiverse and I choose to adapt to MikeP-NZ’s effector. Later I realized that the bolts were chewing through the PLA (at least the way I mounted them). So don’t repeat this.

Additionally I got the dimensions wrong multiple times. (You can’t measure in OpenSCAD, so I just tried out printing first an measuring afterwards.)

IMG_20130920_115916 IMG_20130924_153455 IMG_20130925_131834 IMG_20131007_090649

…but wait. Filament was nearly depleted. I had to print some smaller parts to change the reel between prints. And it would be nice to have a set of spare extruder parts, as they were the only parts of the printer, which had to be printed beforehand.

IMG_20140129_132348 IMG_20140129_135619

This happens, when you change filament and have a long bowden tube for the fresh material to pass:


Lucky me! That was close…


Why clear filament? Because Nuke Lamp by MaximSachs!

The transparent derivatives all seem to be more difficult to print, but I defnitely needed one of those.

IMG_0133 IMG_0136

…and another thing kept me from just printing more printer parts. My son had seen the MakerBot Lancia Stratos at Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, when we visited the Lego Championships.

IMG_0043 IMG_0063 IMG_0069 IMG_0071

After seeing how good the surface of this print with 0.15mm layers looked (the Lancia is scaled to 60% here) I had to try out something even smaller: “porche 911 by glenjohnston” with 0.1mm layer height.

As RichRap already blogged here it does not make sense to go any lower. At least not with my “ghetto nozzle“.

IMG_0085 IMG_0096 IMG_0119

Some more pictures:

P1040253 P1040254 P1040257 P1040259

Putting the Nuke Lamp into operation:

P1040279 P1040307P1040305

Noteworthy, but at the end of the day not superior to Airtripper’s 3D Printed Pocket Reel Rollers: This spool holder, recycled from an old computer CD drive (seen via

IMG_20140428_114152 IMG_20140428_161527 IMG_20140428_161813 IMG_20140428_161835 IMG_20140428_162533

And now for the last modification before completely rebuilding the mechanics: the mirror-tile finally cracked. And the next one, too. And as I was too lazy to get proper tempered glass (again) I tried out a genuine tile. 😉

P1040574 P1040584 P1040589 P1040590

A bit more robust, a lot cheaper, but not level. And not concave or convex (which could have been calibrated via DELTA_RADIUS) either. But the parts I was about to print did not have a large footprint, so I continued with it anyway.

The “stoppers”, preventing the tile from sliding sideways can be generated in OpenSCAD with:

// Grundkörper:
cube ([12, 12, 22]);translate ([6,6,-0.5]) {
cylinder(h=23, r=(4.8/2), $fn=50);}
translate ([6,6,(22-2.99)]) {
cylinder(h=3, r1=(3.6/2), r2=(7.6/2), $fn=50);}


The “downholders” with:


// Grundkörper:
translate ([0,0,21]) {
cube ([25, 20, 5]);}
translate ([23,0,0]) {
cube ([15, 20, 5]);}
translate ([20,0,0]) {
cube ([5, 20, 25]);}
translate ([15,10,21]) {
cylinder(h=23, r=(4.8/2), $fn=50);}
translate ([15,10,23.1]) {
cylinder(h=3, r1=(3.6/2), r2=(7.6/2), $fn=50);}


Final spurt towards new mechanics…

P1040622 P1040638

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