Swan song of a dishwasher

I already ranted against planned osolescence when writing down how I repaired my monitor – this shows the absolute opposite.

Miele SANY7895

My wife told me about the strange smell of the dishwasher. And when we startet it again it smelled like ampere indeed. So once the machine finished washing up, my son and I dismounted the front plate.

The remarkable thing about this Miele G580 was not even the “1992”-print on the programme selector switch / timer unit – it was the simple fact that the bill of materials, the circuit diagram and the programming flowchart were behind the faceplate in a plasitc bag!

Thunbs up! That’s the way to go!


Apart from lasting 23 years while using up it’s contacts evenly: this is a bought-in part (from Crouzet).

 SANY7898 SANY7897

And Miele has even stopped buying the controllers (this here consists of a synchronous induction motor and a lot of gears and switch cams to step through the program) and build an entire electronics manufacturing plant.

Just to own it and get the quality completely into the hands of the company. Remarkable. Magnificent.

There is the bump. The flame-retardants did their job. The rest doesn’t look better either.

SANY7903 SANY7906 SANY7908 SANY7910 SANY7915

I could have repaired it with a second hand spare part – they are out there. But the overall performance had degraded already. So we brought this machine to the recycling yard. Take a leaf out of their book, smartphone manufacturers!


The downside of still manufacturing consumer products made to last 20 years minimum? The price, of course.

A dishwasher made by this owner-operated family enterprise will set you back about a 1000 Euros. I think it is no less than 700 at least. They do a lot of R&D, so the sky’s the limit.

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