BMW CCC CD drive replacement

When I bought my ’04 BMW E61 545i there was a warranty, so the CD drive was replaced by the dealer, when it startet to make strange noises. My 2005 535d Touring had no “EUROPlus”, so I had to do this myself.

…after all this was the only option of listening to MP3 CDs while still using TMC traffic information.

As always there is information on the internet – but not exactly the same and mostly text. Here you can read how to change the DVD drive (in german).

This was more helpful: how to replace the capacitors in your “CCC”-unit. Perfectly documented with pictures. THX, BlackSkyLine! 🙂

My version of loosening the trim is a bit different however: the screwdrivers are used to un-snap the clips from the top (not the side).


And -at least on my unit- there was no need to use a special screwdriver for the screws at the front. They have a combination torx/slot head, so my mains tester did fit.


I started by taking apart the whole “car communications computer”, because the dealer I asked for a spare needed the part number on the drive.

First tip: remove CD first.

Secont tip: don’t pull out the cable of the front panel (as depicted above) out of the interior zero insertion force socket! Or you end up dismantling the whole unit.


The CCC is built, like a PC, from interlocking sheet metal parts. The circuit boards use certain shapes to stay in place. After demounting the CCC the type designation of the CD drive was easily found.

I choose to clean the lens first. The unit made strange noises, but maybe this would help a bit until the spare part arrived… (It didn’t.) The QR code on the laser unit? Says exactly what’s printed besides. 😉

P1060486 P1060481P1060475 P1060478

Now I could at least order the right spare part. And I knew that in the living room I only needed my mains tester and a T8 (or T9) screwdriver (this is the 4mm mini bit version).

IMG_20150115_175420 P1060512

P1060497 P1060499

You guessed it: I left the CD inside again. But the flat cable remained in position. I bent some brackets, but the next owner will never notice… 😉

P1060501 P1060502

The red Micro-MaTch plug was left in the CCC and instead the white JST one detatched. You have to remove the circuit board of the drive for this, but the rest of the CCC can remain closed.

P1060503 P1060505

Fitting PCBs and metal sheets is pretty self-explaining, so I just depict one example here. Just exchange the drives, put everything back together and mount it in the car again.

P1060507 P1060511

In my case the MP3-CD was rejected at first try, but accepted at second. The shock did not last long.

(Original post:, January 16th 2015)

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