Sleep as Android, but without your head on your phone

Not using Sleep as Android yet? You’re doing it wrong.

Seriously: it works! It works as good as “I finally purchased one of those Google prepaid-cards to buy it” (and then Threema and nothing else so far).


The app measures your muscle movements through the phone’s accelerometer, figuring out when you’re asleep or awake. This allows it to play a lullaby until you’ve fallen asleep, and to wake you up at an optimal time during your sleep cycle. Once the night is over, Sleep as Android provides detailed statistics on how long you’ve slept, and can even record your snores and sleep talk.

The final push however came from a friend, Daniel, who published a photograph of his apparatus used for retaining his own smartphone:


(By courtesy of him. He also printed the “Airtripper’s Direct Drive Bowden Extruder” I needed to start building my first 3D-printer on this machine BTW…)

I already had a RepRap by then, but this was built of remnants I had lying around – particularly because wood just looks and feels better than plastic.

P1040342 P1040344

The only trick here is to pre-drill the glued beech sheets, so the screws don’t splinter it.

P1040345 P1040346

Sheet metal was used to stay as flat as possible on top of the slatted frame.


Calibration of the phone also compensates the redirection of all your movements. I am using this since one and a half years now.

(Original post:, March 3rd 2014)

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