Flower pot BBQ smoker

If you visit open air festivals regularly you tend to imagine this, when somebody says “Grill”.

And “this” (and my Trangia stove) have always been sufficient to get some scaffolding into our bellys before pouring loads of beer on top.

About three years ago, however, hackaday.com (Hacking your grill for performance and features) pointed me to gizmodo (How I Got At Least $2,000 Worth of Grill for $540) and I started to read about the differences between grilling, indirect grilling, barbecue and smoking).

Quite interesting – I had to try that. But I had doubts, if this was my way to do it at all. Said in advance: Unlike my buddy Michel this really turned out not to be my way of cooking meat. And that means the way I tried it was done right. ^^

I did not want to buy a “made in china” vertical water smoker, but I had read about ceramic grills and knew about “flower pot charging” to prevent your batteries from burning the house down – and a quick search revealed some flower pot barbecue smokers like this one: http://www.naffziger.net/blog/2008/07/05/the-alton-brown-flower-pot-smoker/

This was electric. And after reworking an old dimmer…

DSCN7029 DSCN7031 DSCN7033 DSCN7036

…I decided againt using it.

Instead this would be done with charcoal. And some wood we had lying around of course.

Here you can still see an old heating element from a ceramic glass cooktop lying in the pot.

P1010415 P1010416


First test was pressed meat, had been too long in deep freeze anyway…

P1010664 P1010665 P1010667 P1010668 P1010670 P1010674


P1010690 P1010695

…so it didn’t matter that the coal did not get enough oxygen. I had to improve this. Giving the food a taste of smoke worked already, but that would have been easier with the electrical version.

Improving the fire bowl was easy enough with an angle grinder, but deburring is never fun.

IMG_20120921_175100 IMG_20120921_180138 IMG_20120922_172135

No proper hole cutter / drill bit available – so this chinese one was used up…

IMG_20120922_163948 IMG_20120922_165112 IMG_20120923_143716 P1010707

Testing with 120g sand. A cookie box holds the water here.

P1010708 P1010715 P1010719 P1010721 P1010723 P1010733

Exhausting air temperature passes 120 °C. Sand temperature reaches 100 °C.

P1010735 P1010742

Encouraging enough. Now some pork (1200g Krustenbraten). But first: a hole for the thermometer:

P1010766 IMG_20121020_172429

Calculations said about 4.5 h – but in the end this took twice as long. I should have taken briquettes, but as I had none at hand the pork was finished in the oven.

P1010771  P1010769  P1010776 P1010781IMG_20121021_173047 P1010796

P1010799 P1010807 P1010815 P1010818

In the end the pork could be “pulled” – and this was the best one could possibly make of this kind of meat.

P1010819 P1010822

But as said before: it’s still pork and I really hate that rind on it.

So the pots can be uset for flowers again.

(Original posts: http://www.metalforum-owl.de/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=138&start=180#p49602, http://www.metalforum-owl.de/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=138&start=180#p49603, http://www.metalforum-owl.de/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=138&start=180#p49604 and http://www.metalforum-owl.de/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=138&start=180#p49606 September 26th 2012, continued http://www.metalforum-owl.de/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=138&start=180#p50137, October 23rd 2012)

7 thoughts on “Flower pot BBQ smoker

  1. Interessant, ich habs mal in meinem Blog geteilt, werde es heute Abend mal in ein paar BBQ Gruppen teilen, wundere dich nicht wie die visitor Zahlen heute Abend in die Höhe schnellen werden 😉


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