Shut up, Duplo locomotive!

This is just too simple, but here it is anyway – for two reasons:

  1. My son himself asked me to disconnect the speaker in the „loco“ of his Duplo „Deluxe Train Set“ – it was annoying him.
  2. If you are in the same situation, you want to know, where those unnerving locking hooks are located.

So here they are – and the lock of this „4521592: Loco Base, Engine 4X8X5“ is tough. The guys at Lego simply are the supreme rulers of plastics injection moulding!

CIMG5503 CIMG5504

I won’t document connecting a sliding switch into one of the speaker wires. But here is how I epoxy resined it in place with JB-Weld (stable to the present day).

CIMG5515 CIMG5517 CIMG5518 CIMG5523

Interesting detail: a reed switch at the front axle senses both the loco running against things and it being lifted into the air by the toddler. This way battery charge is conserved for running along the tracks exclusively.


(Original post:, January 17th 2012)


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