Installing the auxiliary input behind all that beautiful trim

You get really pissed, when you buy a premium-branded car with a harman/kardon HiFi-system, built in the 21st century and then realize, that you can’t play MP3-CDs on that system.

There is (sort of) a solution however: unlock the not-BMW-quality-but-nearly-finished version, that is already part of the CCC unit. (If you have the navigation system “Professional”.)


You (or one of your friends or someone you pay for that) need to connect the right OBD-to-USB-Cable to a laptop with the right software (e.g. “NCS Expert”) and “code” the parameter “MP3_CCC” to “full” in the “CAPPL” control unit. If you want to do this properly the “vehicle order” also has to be supplemented with “+KMP3”.

I already did that. I did not take that shit from the bavarians. (If you are reading this, Bazis: Don’t take this Saupreiß too serious. 😉 And the rest of the car was superb BTW!)

This is the installation of the cable I described here:

To activate the aux-in set “AUX_CONFIG” to “mounted” in “CAPPL” and “INPUT_SCALING_SUB2” to “wert_02” in “CAUDI”. The VO should be supplemented with “+NAUX”.

Afterwards it’s time to get some scratches on your fingers…

As I already had a Brodit mount for my Motorola Milestone I also had the “Gap Opener” wedge, which did a good job loosening the first part of the trim. A parking disc with an ice scraper edge is fine, too.

SANY4294 SANY4293

The next faceplate is more tricky. On pre-facelift E60 / E61s two extra-long screwdrivers can be pushed down on the right- and left side to lever it to the front (like here). It is clamped fairly far down.

SANY4296 SANY4298 SANY4301

The CCC itself is fixed with four screws and slides on rails. You may scratch the trim around the gear lever with it, but that should be the only problem. In my case I had to disassemble the Quadlock connector of the Aux-cable and thread the contacts into the already mounted housing at the right position. Then it was plug and play again.

SANY4314 SANY4317 SANY4319 SANY4320 SANY4321 SANY4323

With the CCC unmounted the way to the glovebox and the instrument cluster is clear!



The thing is, though: I never really used this. I had a permanent load of CDs in the changer and the reasonably up to date MP3-CD in the centre console. I was just too lazy to mount my phone just to listen to some music stored on that (and the output quality was not that good either). Well, at least I know that by now. ^^

(Original post:, July 5th 2011)

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