Directional WiFi antenna on the (relatively) cheap

The original instructions have disapperared, the Wayback Machine crawled it, but does not show anything im my browser right now…

Anyway: The dimensions for a proper WLAN biquad antenna should be available somewhere out there.

Our Problem was, that we needed WiFi on 3rd as well as 1st floor, the solution was a router with external antenna. The hardest thing to get was the proper coax-connector (SMA? Reverse SMA?, Amphenol RSMA1111A1-3GT50G-1-50 for my TP-Link router) and the smaller-than-TV-cable (RG58B). You maybe better off buying a „WiFi-Cable“ (antenna cable) on eBay and cutting it in half, which avoids the crimping. The rest is single sided PCB (the semi-finished stuff you need to etch or mill your circuit boards), some solid wire (in Germany: salvaged NYM-something), a pin from a CD spindle (sewed off to get a pipe), hot melt and something to hold everything to point in the right direction.

The latter was not a problem for me: I put in on the floor of the attic to radiate down.

CIMG2075 CIMG2076 CIMG2078CIMG2072

(Original Post:, Aug. 15th 2009)


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