The folding barrow

The Dong mining dump is an infamous obstacle on your way to the festival at the top – if you da not want to wait for the “baggage shuttle” (back then: the dad of one of the organizers with his estate car).

Unfortunately I could not bring a whellbarrow or handcart, as the boot of my LPG-powered Focus ST looked like this. (The ex-factory twin exhausts meant there was no spare wheel recess and the five cylinder turbo used plenty of fuel anyway…)

I had to make something that folds – and luckily I had kept some bike frontwheels, so I coud just start by getting some hinges and wood from the hardware store…

CIMG0025 CIMG0027 CIMG0030 CIMG0033 CIMG0034 CIMG0088

The first try at bulding a frame failed however.

CIMG0067 CIMG0070 CIMG0076 CIMG0077 CIMG0079 CIMG0160

Four beverage crates (static load!) were too much for the brazed copper pipes. So I had to ask our shop fitter, if the apprentice had, by chance, to train some welding – and I was lucky.

With a new frame, made of square tubing, the ascension could begin.


CIMG0176 CIMG0177

(Original Post:, Nov. 22nd 2008)

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