Killing mould fungi with UV-C

Also from 2008.

We were only two, the baking mould of our bread maker was too big – so we preferred bread flavouring of ozone over throwing it all away.

…and the gift box was nice. ^^

Conventional ballast on the outside (and a timer switch to leave this on for half an hour maximum), aquarium sterilization lamp on the inside.

CIMG0035 CIMG0041

Again nothing to do if your kids are running around: Ultraviolet C light is carcinogenic and one simple mirco-switch not enough to switch off the fluorescent tube adequately safe for them.

CIMG0036 CIMG0039

On the other hand: Once they also start eating bread you don’t need to immediately kill every single microorganism on the loaf, because 1 kg will only last for 3 days anyway.

(Original Post:, Nov. 19th 2008)

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