Dear Internet,

it has been a while, since I startet to post stuff I tinkered into the offtopic-section of (which was public at that time).

If you care to register, As search engines had to be locked out, you can still find follow these direct links to the (german) thread “…das hab’ ich hier schonmal vorbereitet.” at and the following, more specialized topics “3D-Drucker” ( and (the only one in english) “SUMPOD Aluminium V2 build log [pictures]” (

The Sumpod build log was meant for a general audience. To help RepRappers (in general and “Sumpod” customers in particular) with their builds by reading about the challenges I faced – and of course how they were solved (or how to avoid them at all). But the Heavy Metal Forum Ostwestfalen-Lippe was never meant for that. The users know each other quite well and at some point the gossip of the crowd (including my crafting) was becoming rampant – and finally clipped off by the administrator. I can’t blame him for that.

As time moves on and my experiences in tuning LPG systems, “coding” my BMW, experimenting with Coilguns, servicing my BMW, trying out flower pots as BBQ-smokers, upgrading my BMW, damming roof windows, repairing my BMW, making electronic jewelry for my wife and building 3D-Printers (“bootstrapping” is finally over) are getting self-sustained. And the urge to publish all that it is not getting smaller, as the Information Age advances either. 😉

The next rework of my RepRap is just about to begin and some of the old stuff will be worth to be unearthed – so let’s get startet…

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